kind words

“David’s creative and strategic firepower is unparalleled. He takes a problem, wrestles it to the ground and solves it with a creative finesse and breadth that is a rarity in this business."

Karen Howe, Senior VP, Creative Director, One Advertising

“The work David produced for us was breakthrough. His ideas translated to many mediums - print and radio, point-of-sale in dealerships, online and beyond. David’s experience makes him versatile and nimble, and his collaborative approach makes him a pleasure to work with.”
Michelle Strauss, Account Director, JWT

“When we needed someone to step in and oversee a broad range of projects in various stages of development, David was the one person I had absolute confidence in to fulfill the role.”           
Malcolm Roberts, President, Corktown Seed Co.                       

“David just spent a few weeks at our place cracking an important brief, and his senior-calibre thinking was a welcome shot in the arm.”
Brian Howlett, Creative Director, Agency59


“With little time or effort, David is up to speed and integrated into the workflow of the agency. And the work? Stellar. He brings a senior level of thinking with the ability to lead the most important meetings. And still gets into the weeds with the enthusiasm of a future star. No job is too big, or small.”

Shawn Wells, Group Creative Director, One Advertising


“David is a huge talent and a pleasure to work with. We brought him in for a few weeks, and he wound up staying with us for four months. During that time, he delivered consistently great work day in and day out. Sometimes night in and night out too.”

Brian Sheppard, Co-Executive Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi


“David is super-talented, super-creative, super-professional and just all around super-nice. He made creative development look effortless and applied strategy and craft to everything he touched. It's no wonder that clients, agency and partners all love working with him. I know that we sure did. I can't say enough good things about David - Hire him!"

 Helen Pak, Executive Creative Director, Havas


“David is terrific to work with. He's smart, creative and has a great attitude. He's focused on getting the job done, no matter what it takes. I'd certainly recommend him.”

Gayle Akler, President & Chief Strategic Officer, Sparkplug


“If you’re in need of an outstanding art director who is an impeccable craftsman, call David. If you want a smart strategic thinker and talented writer, call David. And, if you happen to be looking for a lesson on how to live an inspiring life, well, you know who to call.”

Jeff Hilts, VP Creative Group Head, FCB


“We love working with David because he’s talented and insightful. But more than that - he shares our values. David is committed to more than good work. He wants a good world.”

Sharon Avery, Chief of Development, UNICEF Canada


"David is my go-to guy! An absolute pleasure to work with. He has a great, positive attitude and delivers outstanding work every time. I honestly can't wait to work with him again!"

Kelly Michaelov, Creative Resource Manager, FCB


"David's terrific. Smart, flexible, collaborative. He's also able to wear both hats - writer and art director. Understands all sides of the equation - creative, client and consumer. Great resource." 
Ed Caffyn, VP, Account Planning Group Director, BBDO

"I've known and worked with David for a long time and he is a total pro. One of the best. Clients love him, the agency team loves him and you can always count on him to deliver."
David Postill, SVP, Business Leader, Y&R

"A consummate craftsman with an unwaveringly positive attitude, David delivered very good work consistently and on some of our toughest accounts. A true professional and a joy to work with." 
Jack Neary, Chief Creative Officer, TBWA

"Having worked with David over the past many years has been my good fortune. His ability to see the best creative approaches to developing ideas and creating vital exciting advertising is second to none. Plus, he's a quality human, with endless positive energy."

Mark Hajek, Senior Editor & Partner, Relish Editing

"I've known David for almost a decade. On a professional side, David has a reputation for being an incredibly respectful creative that pushes his agencies to a better place. On a personal side, the man rode across Africa on a bike and you cannot do that without massive personal strength and determination. I highly respect David for all this."

Ignacio Oreamuno, President, GiantHydra

"David has a clear vision of his ideal creative product, yet he's open to collaboration and new ideas. He wants to offer the best possible options to the client, yet he's respectful of the budget. He's a Writer, yet, he's an Art Director. No, he's both .... his talents in both areas are incredible and seemingly equal. A rare combination which always made me feel that I had double the talent on a team. David's standards are high. It's a pleasure to work with him." 
Sandy Johnson, Director, Client Services, NexCareer

"David is resourceful, creative and above all a really great guy to work with."

George Simhoni, Westside Studio

"David is immensely gifted in so many ways - art director, copywriter, creative director, musician and human being. For any of these requirements, and so much more, I highly recommend to you David Houghton."

David Bonner, SVP, Executive Creative Director

"I was always impressed with David's ability to sell ideas to clients and to translate even the muddiest client briefs into bang-on creative work. He was always able to get to the nugget of what clients were trying to say when others couldn't. I would love the opportunity to work with David again - and that is the best recommendation I could give anyone!"
Kari Macknight Dearborn, Print Production Manager, Zulu Alpha Kilo

"David is uniquely both precise, organized and goal oriented and wildly creative. Rarely have I met someone so strong on both sides of what is often a divide. Even more rarely have I met someone who is so accomplished and also a wonderful person to be around and work with." 
Thomas Neuspiel, President/Creative Director, Keen Music Inc.

"I would highly endorse David. He is a joy to work with. A true leader, his embrace of the creative process while keeping things on strategy has invariably wielded tremendous results. A clear smooth road with an end result which always brilliant and effective." 
Steve Gadsden, Producer/President, Tattoo Media

"If you want a 'prima diva', don't call David. But if you want to raise your creative bar without suffering the creative attitude, I am only too eager to recommend David Houghton."

Michael McGovern, Associate Partner, Creative Director, Rosetta

"Not only is David a consummate professional and a terrific creative, but he's one of the easiest going guys I've ever had the pleasure to work with. It's an aspiring trait, as he makes everyone around him feel at ease and in control." 
Mike Sundell, Art/Creative Director, Mike Sundell Creative

"I loved working with David. He is passionate about ideas and has a very collaborative working style which always brings out the best in everyone. He knows what he wants and ensures that every member of the team is valued, respected and heard. He has a strategic mind and is great with clients and vendors. His work is always well thought out and beautifully executed. I would love to work with him again.”

Cynthia Heyd, President, Heyd & Seek

"David is an original thinker, effective collaborator, and consumate professional. He keeps it cool when things get hot and his focus on the core idea provides a steady path through the process. It was a pleasure working with him on projects big and small."

Nuno Paulino, SVP Managing Director, Ricochet Productions, BBDO